District of North Saanich

Eaglehurst Developments consolidated six large, rural lots and subdivided then into a 101-lot residential development in the District of North Saanich. The project incorporated Low Impact Development (LID) elements, such as roadside rain gardens, a vegetated stream channel, and the construction of three storm water treatment ponds within a municipal park. Each LID feature slows the runoff from the site and upstream catchment to provide treatment for total suspended solids, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons, prior to its discharge to the adjacent Reay Creek.

The developer’s vision from the beginning of the design of the project was to provide an environmentally sustainable development that was also aesthetically pleasing.

Westbrook Consulting provided design, tender and construction services, as well as contract administration for both phases of the project.

Challenges of the project included constructing the subdivision in one of Vancouver Island’s coldest and wettest winters in recent history. The wet weather resulted in necessary constant monitoring and maintenance of the erosion and sediment control measures put in place to minimize the impact on the adjacent Reay Creek.

Other challenges included working in and about an active eagle’s nesting area. Frequent monitoring of the nest and eagles was required to ensure the construction activity did not have any negative impacts. It was noted that the eagle pair had several eaglets that reached maturity and left the nest.

Phase 1 of the project was completed in December of 2016, and Phase 2 was completed in June of 2017.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Ben Badke; Kevin Hossack

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