Urban Bee Honey Farm

District of Central Saanich

The Urban Bee Honey Farm, located at 6440 West Saanich Road in the District of Central Saanich constructed an 828 square foot store and a 519 square foot honey processing area on the eastern side of the farm property.

Westbrook Consulting reviewed and adjusted the detailed design, provided by a previous consultant and provided construction layout, and construction inspection services for a storm water management system and site grading.

The storm water management system consisted of a French Drain along the base of a retaining wall that drained to a detention pond. The pond was designed to detain the storm water produced by the development, while creating an unique water feature for the farm.  The storm water was released to the municipal system through a flow control outlet at the pre-development flow rate.

One challenge of the project was the naturally steep grade from West Saanich Road to the site. The driveway access and the future driveway access were required to be designed to allow for a school bus to access the site, as Urban Bee Honey Farm plans on hosting school tours in the future. Grading was also required for the entirety of the site to ensure drainage was adequate. Coordination was required with the owner to ensure that the design fit with the overall vision of the site.

The design and construction of the project were completed in 2017.

Key Personnel: Mike Wignall; Ryan Deernsted; Tracey Klatt; John Stein

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