Island Highway Improvement Project

Town of View Royal

Westbrook Consulting worked with the Town of View Royal to provide detailed design of an existing conceptual design for improvements along the Island Highway between Helmcken Road and Stormont Road.

In addition to detailed design services for the proposed improvements, Westbrook Consulting also provided a coordinating consultant role between the Town of View Royal, the project Landscape Architect and the project Electrical Consultant.

The design work was coordinated with a neighbouring adjacent development to ensure the proposed road works required for the development would function in the present day and also allow for future design changes to be made to the Island Highway.

Careful consideration of the extent of retaining walls along the south side of the road was needed so that the new roadway could be contained within the existing road allowance.

Other aspects of the project included redesigning a section of gravity sanitary sewer to fit with the new road grades, as well as re-configuring the local storm drainage works.  Rain gardens were proposed as the method of road runoff treatment within the proposed median.

The design was completed in 2017 and has formed the basis for proposed roadworks for the adjacent development. The design serves as a point of coordination for future developments until the overall roadworks project receives funding and proceeds to construction.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Ryan Deernsted; Ben Badke

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