Campus Infiniti

District of Saanich

Campus Infiniti constructed an automobile dealership at the corner of Oak Street and Short Street, in the District of Saanich.  The site was formerly occupied by a small commercial / office building and single family homes on Short Street.  The Commercial / Office building and the homes were demolished to facilitate the new dealership.  The new dealership consists of a sales building and adjacent surface parking lot.

Westbrook provided engineering design and construction inspection for site servicing for the new sales building, parking lot grading and the storm water management system for the site.

The challenges of the project included designing the parking lot such that cross slopes were minimized, while also ensuring that the new parking lot tied in to the Campus Nissan parking lot to the south. Any grade changes from the Short Street side of the site also were required to be kept minimal.

A further complication arose with the design of the storm water management system for the parking lot runoff, which detained and infiltrated the runoff into the existing ground.  The overflow outlet drain connection from the storm water management system was very shallow and the resulting depth of cover over the storm water management cells had to be minimized.  The parking elevations offered no room to spare, however the system was closely inspected and constructed as designed, to the satisfaction of the Owner and the District of Saanich.

Detailed design work was completed during 2009 and construction was carried out during 2010, with completion early in 2011.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack

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