South Ridge Plateau

City of Langford

South Ridge Plateau is a single-family subdivision located on Bear Mountain. The development is situated on the southeast side of the mountain, providing views of the City of Colwood and the Juan De Fuca Strait.  

Phase 1 of the development consisted of the extension of Grand Forest Close and the creation of six single-family lots and Phase 2 consisted of the creation of Laird’s Gate and nine single-family lots. Further phases of the development will include the extension of Laird’s Gate, which is currently in design. Green space has also been allowed to remain in all phases of the development to create wildlife refuge and enhance the surrounding views.

Westbrook Consulting has provided topographic survey, detailed design and construction layout and inspection services for the first two phases of the project and is now proceeding with the design of the third phase.

The steeply sloping terrain and existing sensitive ecosystems made designing the lot layout and grading challenging. Westbrook successfully design a lot layout and grading plan that maintained 40 percent open space, did not disturb the sensitive ecosystem areas, and provided adequate access and views of the Juan De Fuca Straight and Mount Baker for all lots.

The design of the first phase began in 2012 and is ongoing into the third phase to date.

Key Personnel: Ben Badke; Ivan Yevseyev

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