Pacific Family and Child Services Association

City of Colwood

The Pacific Family and Child Services Association (PCFSA) is a Westshore based outreach facility that provides counselling and other assistance services to children and young adults. The new PCFSA facility is located on Goldstream Avenue, in the City of Colwood.

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. provided Civil Engineering design and construction period services for the project. The PCFSA facility was the first phase of a multi-phase project, thus required the design and construction of future water services for the second phase of the project.

As part of the project, a new parking lot was constructed for the neighbouring Colwood Dental Group building. Westbrook Consulting worked with the stakeholders from both properties to address traffic movement and sightline concerns for movements onto Goldstream Avenue. Power pole positioning, sign locations, and grades were all adjusted to improve the sightline conditions.

One of the Colwood development requirements was for the installation of a multi-use trail along the east property line. The trail will serve as a connector to the Galloping Goose Trail when the neighbouring properties are developed, connecting the trail to Wale Road. The trail was designed to allow for safe pedestrian and bicycle access, while meeting the existing grades at Goldstream Avenue and at the access to the existing Colwood Dental Group parking lot.

Complexities with storm drainage arose due to the lack of municipal storm drainage infrastructure available. To adequately manage the storm water produced by the development, separate infiltration systems were designed for the multi-use trail, the new Colwood Dental Group parking area and the PCFSA site.

Careful planning and review of the parking lot layout was also required in order to accommodate fire trucks and delivery vehicles for the present and future phases. Westbrook Consulting also worked closely with the City of Colwood, PCFSA and the consultant team to develop a grading plan that allowed for safe pedestrian access from a flat building to a sloping road. The road improvements included, on street parking, bike lanes, a separated sidewalk and access ramps.

Design was completed in the summer of 2017 and construction wrapped up in the summer of 2018.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Ben Badke; Kevin Hossack

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