Glenlyon Norfolk School - Theater Building

City of Victoria

Glenlyon Norfolk constructed a new theatre wing addition to the Gudewill Building at the Pemberton Woods Campus on Richmond Road in the City of Victoria. The two storey, 13,000 square foot theatre addition, was constructed complete with a raised stage, theatrical classrooms, amenity spaces, lobby, and an auditorium of 352 seats. The theatre was constructed in a contemporary design with an exterior gathering space featuring a reflection pond and interlocking brick courtyard.

The project also included upgrades to the Maddison Street frontage. Upgrades included the construction of a student drop off area, new sidewalk and curbs, as well as an additional fire hydrant.

Westbrook Consulting was engaged to provide civil engineering services, including the design of a new permeable hard surfaced parking lot, fire service, and storm and sanitary services. Westbrook also provided civil engineering services for the upgrades to the property’s frontage along Maddison Street. Westbrook also worked closely with the architect and design team to ensure the proposed infrastructure accommodated the campus’ master plan for future buildings.

Another feature of the site is the many Garry Oak trees adjacent to the theater parking lot. The parking area was designed and constructed through consultation with the project arborist to ensure impacts to the Garry Okay trees were minimized. The parking lot substructure is composed of structural soil that both permitted the passage of air and moisture to the roots, while having the capacity to support vehicular loads.

The project design was completed in 2011.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Kevin Hossack; Ben Badke

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