Mr. Mikes Restaurant

City of Langford

As part of the larger McCallum Road Extension and Development projects, Westbrook Consulting provided detailed design and construction inspection services for the new Mr. Mikes Restaurant at the intersection of McCallum Road and Whirlaway Crescent in the City of Langford.

The design involved close coordination with the project architect to ensure the detailed site grading was tied in to the building elevations, as well as coordination with the project mechanical and electrical consultants for the placement of service connections.

The project also included the design and construction of a storm water management system, consisting of StormTech SC-740 chambers and a flow control manhole. The storm water management system collects the runoff produced by the roof and parking lot and detains it in the chambers, where it is then released through the flow control manhole at the pre-development flow rate. The storm water management system was designed to ensure drainage runoff flowing from the site toward Florence Lake was maintained at the pre-development flow rate, as to not overwhelm the downstream system.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Ryan Deernsted; Tracey Klatt; John Stein; Kevin Hossack

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