McCallum Road Development

City of Langford

The McCallum Road Commercial / Residential Development is a multi-phase, multi-year development.  Among the early phases already completed are a 30 unit townhouse site and a new Mr. Mikes Restaurant.  Construction work is ongoing on a  four storey building containing 46 residential units and  5 commercial units, while work on a 6 storey building containing 70 residential units and 2 commercial units is in the design phase. Two future sites totalling 0.63 ha also remain to be developed.

Westbrook Consulting has provided topographic survey, detailed design and construction inspections services for all Phases of the project to date.

A challenge of the project was to design a storm water management system that maintained neighbouring upstream ponds at their existing levels, while receiving drainage from upland areas and newly developed onsite sources. An extensive below grade storm water management system and associated watertight retaining wall was designed to detain post development flows from the site and release them to the existing downstream infrastructure at pre-development rates.

Starting with initial project concepts in early 2015, Westbrook Consulting has been providing Civil Engineering services on all aspects of this project continuing to the present day.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Kyle Stubbs; Ryan Deernsted; Tracey Klatt; John Stein; Kevin Hossack; Ian Anderson

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