Construction Services

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. typically provides construction review services for the construction of the civil works we design. These services include the following:

  • Survey layout of proposed works to be installed.
  • Coordination of third party testing, as required.
  • Construction inspection.
  • Quality control review.
  • Final sign off and certification that the constructed works have met the requirements of the project.
  • BC Building Code Schedules and Letters of Assurance.
  • As-constructed survey.
  • Preparation of As-constructed/Record Drawings.

The Construction Services phase requires Westbrook to liaise closely with the civil contractor, owner, utilities, and the local governing authority to ensure the construction process proceeds effectively.

Westbrook‘s team of inspectors are familiar with local contractors and governing authorities, aiding in ensuring the civil works are installed to meet both the project and authority’s requirements. Inspection reports to provide documentation on the progress of the work.

Throughout the construction process, Westbrook’s survey team can lay out the civil works. Once construction is complete, the survey team will perform a topographic “as-constructed” survey of the site. The as-constructed survey will then be transferred to a drawing, which will then become a Record Drawing of the constructed works. Record drawings are often used as reference for future works to estimate what infrastructure is available and what improvements are required to meet the project servicing demands.

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